Welcome to 2020!

2019 was a challenging, if not disappointing, year for many of us. It started with promise and ended in frustration. Many people in my networks went through horrific personal challenges such as the sudden loss of loved ones, life threatening health issues, relationship breakdowns and financial woes.

The end of 2019 couldn’t come fast enough.

For me, 2019 brought release and closure, frustration, physical manifestations of stress, working harder than I have in many years, and much more.

My brain didn’t have the space needed to generate ideas or focus on writing. This meant I couldn’t give the time and energy needed to keep Sense of Learning active….and relevant.

2020 will bring a change in approach to Sense of Learning. I won’t give away too much; my intention is this approach supports more regular posts and sharing of ideas.

I hope all followers of Sense of Learning have a fabulous 2020 and, with focus and determination, all your goals and intentions are realised. I am looking forward to sharing more with you all throughout 2020.

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