Many of us have a personal network we turn to for advice, wisdom, guidance and practical help. Sense of Learning is the same with the ideas and posts on here having been initiated through coffee conversations with a personal network made up of colleagues, friends and mentors.

Sense of Learning has a main author who contributes their experiences, insights and learning as often as they can and contributing authors who are invited to share their thoughts too.

Main Author

Sarah Henshaw

Sarah Henshaw has more than 20 years experience working across the education sector. She spent five years working with young people in secondary education and delivering a Vocational Education and Training (VET) in Schools program.

Sarah made the permanent transition to adult education and training in 2003 to work with adult learners in the VET sector, specialising in operational and service delivery learning.

Sarah has developed role based competency frameworks for organisations, contributed to the development of national qualifications on behalf of industry and has extensive experience working with national units of competency and Registered Training Organisations (RTOs). She has broad experience across design, development. implementation, delivery and evaluation of learning programs.

She has worked in roles with a significant focus on influencing an organisation’s perception of how their multi-generational workforce learn, development of workplace based learning solutions, overseeing the development and adoption of digital learning strategy and programs, and delivery of professional programs to learning and development staff. Sarah’s current role focuses on and end to end learning program to enable organisational transformation, behaviour and culture change, workforce capability and readiness.

Sarah’s approach is always “learner first”, whether it be the scoping and development of learning needs or supporting those facilitating learning to broaden their view and engagement skills. She is always considerate of the balance between learner needs and organisational expectations. In developing any learning solution, she engages directly with the client, stakeholders and subject matter specialists to ensure needs are clearly understood and met.