Sense of Learning is a way of sharing life lessons, thoughts and experiences on learning, learner engagement, learning design, facilitation of learning and of course what makes good practice across all these areas.

Sense of Learning reflects a strong passion for providing opportunities and environments that connect learners – with their learning, others, facilitators, environment and much more.

Learning is a choice

As learning designers or facilitators we can provide the optimal environment and experiences to foster learning.

Learners must recognise, value and connect these experiences to create personal learning – enabling them to create meaning, develop and apply their skills and knowledge, and bring about behaviour change. Learning isn’t something done to them.

As adults we are used to being autonomous. By providing experiences learners can each engage with in their own unique way, we help them create personal meaning from that experience which becomes powerful and empowering for the individual.

Our Goals

Inspire learning professionals to think outside the box.

Provide food for thought about learning design, development, delivery and evaluation

Share life lessons and wisdom to support personal growth and learning.

Our Audience

  • Learning and development professionals
  • Tertiary educators
  • Vocational education and training (VET) professionals
  • Learning designers
  • Curriculum developers
  • Content writers
  • Faciliators
  • Mentors and coaches
  • Evaluation specialists
  • Anyone!

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