Welcome to Sense of Learning

During a conversation with a friend earlier in the year, it was decided that it was time to venture into the online world! It’s a little like an open sea – nothing for miles but a journey to travel and can be a little rough in patches. We purchased the domain name and stopped to reflect on the daunting prospect of writing posts and sharing knowledge.

“Why now?” you might ask

The timing feels right to now start sharing ideas and experiences in the world of learning and education; and share with more people than just colleagues and friends. I admit I did give it a go a few years ago when I was studying – it seemed an obvious way to maintain the course required reflections journal – however I really didn’t get into it as much as I could have.

The intent is not only to share broad experiences of working in the vocational education and training sector, but to also share other passions for learning outside of work. For anyone who starts to visit, you’ll see a myriad of ramblings start to unfold, with everything from cooking, photography, learning, educational theory, leadership, coaching and everything in between.

So the next question many may ask….”Who is Sense of Learning?”. There’s some information on me, the main author, in the about the authors page. I’m only one author of many who will contribute to this site. Contributing authors will provide their advice, wisdom and experiences on a range of topics.

It will be up to visitors to Sense of Learning to also help us by giving feedback on topics they’d like to hear about, questions they’re seeking answers on, and everything in between.

Who was it that said “build it and he will come”? (A quote often misquoted) from the Field of Dreams movie – and isn’t having a website with blogs a little like a field of dreams?

Welcome to Sense of Learning and thank you for sharing this journey. We hope you enjoy what we’ve shared and it creates a ripple effect with learning.

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