Once upon a time…

Gilbert* had been working in the same role in a large organisation for quite a number of years. Each day he’d turn up to work and go about his tasks, approaching them in the same manner he always did. Gilbert had developed a really great understanding of coding, design, technology, multimedia and more, but he was really just going through the motions every day and surviving, being challenged in only small ways.

One day, his manager asked him whether he had thought about moving into instructional design roles. Immediately he dismissed the idea as it meant a change to how he lived his work day. Gilbert kept going about each day in the same way, until a couple of years later when the question was asked again. This time, his answer was different.

Instead of waiting for opportunity to come to him, Gilbert knew he would now have to set off on a quest to learn and develop. Suddenly he became doubtful of his ability to step out of his comfort zone and achieve something new; however his manager reassured him that he’d be supported and mentored along the way. Phew, he now had a plan and safety!

Gilbert started to read articles, join communities, participate in professional development and digital learning. His appetite for learning became insatiable, and together they explored how his learning would be applied in a work context. His manager provided him with opportunities for formal learning and to work with other instructional designers who would be able to mentor him further.

Over time, Gilbert’s abilities and confidence flourished; he soon realised his understanding of the technical aspects partners extremely well with learning design and development. He’s now ready to stand on his own two feet and take on the challenges of an instructional design role. This brings about a desire to look for a new role, elsewhere.

With confidence in his abilities, a search for roles soon presents the perfect opportunity; which in one swift move he grabs with both hands and holds on tight. Gilbert’s time is now… he’s ready to grow further and cement himself as a learning design all-rounder.

And as his manager, my job is done. Fly Gilbert….no…SOAR.

What stories of growth and development of your team members would you like to share?

(*Not his real name)

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