Time for a pause

Who can believe it? Half the year has (almost) gone already. Every year we set out with good intentions and establish the goals we want to achieve. For me, the year starts with reflecting on the year before, identifying the opportunities for improvement and setting some learning goals to help my professional and personal development.

This year one of my goals is to improve my video skills.

Before Christmas last year, a friend and I decided we would have a go at an instructional video on how to make a “Christmas Angel”. To say it was a huge learning opportunity for my friend and I is an understatement. Whilst there was a lot of fun and laughter during the day (and filming), each of us knew we needed a great deal more practice.

I’m probably a little slow on the uptake, but I came across the software Doodly (a few months ago now) that helps even a novice like me make a whiteboard video with ease. I don’t advocate a whiteboard, sketch video for everything, but they do have their place.

My two big learnings so far…

  1. The hand can be a little distracting if used too much or moves too fast (you’ll see this in the video!)
  2. Scene times are important to allow the viewer enough time to read and absorb

Here’s a little something I prepared earlier….no AFI award winning video, just an amateur learning as she goes.

How many popcorns out of five?

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