The see-saw we’re on

We’ve all been on a merry-go-round at some time in our lives. The one where we go round and round, spinning faster and faster with no easy way to stop the spinning or get off. We just seem to be out of control. But how many of you have experienced the see-saw?

I went with girlfriends to the Mind, Body, Spirit festival in Melbourne last weekend and we thought it would be a bit of fun to have a psychic reading. Aren’t we all curious about what lessons we’ve learned, what’s in our immediate future and the long term? No doubt we all have some kind of question we want answered.

You may be a skeptic, you may not. But I didn’t ask any particular question to start with. I simply wanted to know who’s spiritual presence is lurking in my life at the moment. In case you’re curious to know, it wasn’t who I expected it to be – and there was a rather strange message attached to it. Whoever the message belongs to, I have to let you know that you don’t need to worry and it’s all going to be okay. There….message conveyed.

The message that did resonate in the reading was quite spot on! Apparently I have learnt the lessons I need to. Guess this now needs some unpacking. It relates to my current role; a role I have always seen as one about recovery for me.

As per an earlier post on release, the last ten years have taken a toll, and this role was to be about recovering from that and restoring my faith in my professional knowledge, skills and abilities. A reminder of knowing what I know, being good at it and applying this in different contexts.

However, the second message in my reading was even more clear. Yes I’ve learnt, but now need to look at balance – the see-saw I’m on. On one side is the physical toll high pressure, busy and stressful roles can take; and on the other side the emotional.

Just like a see-saw there are highs and lows, balance and imbalance. Finding the balance is quite a challenge. But at what point, when the see-saw tips completely one way, do we take charge and push the stack of mischievous kids off the end; and of course avoid hurting our backside on the freefall of the other side.

If we can’t recalibrate and balance the see-saw, we may have to make a choice – our job or our health.

Do we value our physical and emotional health more than our job? How do we ask the other kids in the playground not to jump on our see-saw? And how do we push them off if they do (without them getting hurt of course!)?

Are we on the hot, metal see-saw or the wooden one? Or are we on one of those crazy ones with a spring in the middle that makes it completely impossible to balance? And what’s underneath supporting us – softly break the fall sand, burn our knees artificial grass or hurt like hell hard concrete?

And who’s there with the first aid kit, standing by ready to dry our tears and reassure us that it’s just a scratch, we’ll be okay?

Note: no kids were harmed in the writing of this article.

(Note: no need to panic……yet!)

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